January 11, 2005

Microsoft release anti-spyware

Now available for download, Windows AntiSpyware is Microsoft's initial anti-spyware offering. As my spyware paranoia level had been creeping up lately, it was somewhat comforting to install it, run a scan and find that it found nothing nasty. Perhaps that just means it did not find what is there?

A comparison of the MS offering against some other spyware apps can be found here. While it hold its own, it may not be the only thing that you would want to rely on.

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Two Dell systems down in one week

What a surprise it was to turn on a one month old Dimension 8400 and find that the hard drive had failed. Not a small failure either, as tech support suggested reinstalling the OS (what else!) and Win XP setup was unable to format the drive, stating that there were 'unrecoverable errors'. Strangely enough, tech support still took some convincing before they would send out a new part.

The bigger surprise was going home to my Dimension 4600 and finding that it also had died (18 months old). Turning it on makes the fan run and the power light flash, and that is all. This appears to be a power supply problem, although the ultimate cause is still to be determined. Having had several reliable Dell systems over 10 years, it was disappointing to have the two latest systems fail suddenly. Here's hoping the customer service lives up to expectations.

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