February 07, 2005

Customer service not what it could be

Here's someone else that has found Dell support less than ideal: Dude, I got Dell-ed. So much of this sounds all too familiar.

I ordered a power supply for my Dimension 4600 on 19 January. No complaints about the price or order process. But two weeks later I called to find out what was happening. First I was told there was a payment problem, then transferred to spare parts and told it was not a payment problem, it was just that Dell have none and expect some to arrive at their warehouse on 11 February for delivery soon after. I wonder what would have happened if I had opted for the '3 year next business day on site warranty'; would their techs have access to the part?? I cannot help but think that I am being penalised for having the capacity to do the repair myself...

Posted by Jeffrey to the Technology category at 10:29 PM