April 14, 2005

Backup strategies

Having purchased two Maxtor USB drives lately for extra storage, I had the opportunity to install Dantz Retrospect Express, and ending up buying the upgrade to Professional within about 30 minutes of seeing just how good it is at managing backups. (I should have listened when a friend recommended this product to me a while back.)

As we have two main work sites, we can now very easily use the Maxtor drives in rotation every week or so and maintain up to date offsite backups. This was already happening to some extent, but Retrospect offers much better management of the backup media and backup sets than the previous software. And buying the bundled product with an external hard drive provides an inexpensive upgrade path to a business class product.

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Save time by slipstreaming

Here's a great article describing how to make your own Windows XP installation CD that includes the updates: Slipstreaming Windows XP with Service Pack 2. Installing all of the necessary Windows security patches is always tedious, but this will dramatically reduce the number required.

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April 10, 2005

The dangers of blogging

Here's an interesting article on the legalities of discussing your workplace in a personal blog: "Employers wrestle with blogosphere". It is certainly food for thought; thankfully my employer is unlikely to be upset with anything I say here.

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April 01, 2005


Well, the blog has been neglected somewhat due to workload and holidays. I still have plenty of projects underway and have spent considerable time developing documents on risk management, business continuity and strategic plans for our company. These are works in progress, but should be beneficial once completed. The risk management document is specifically targeted to reducing our PI premium, so will need to be done before renewal time, and I hope to have the others in place before the annual QA external audit. More posts to follow once these are complete.

On the IT side, I see that Autodesk have released 2006 versions. The life of 2005 versions was disappointingly (ridiculously, even) short, and I really wonder why they expect everyone to upgrade annually. Moving to 2005 versions has worked well for us, but we frequently run into compatibility issues with our business associates, and I don't see any compelling reason to make matters worse too soon. My own IT efforts are at present focussed on integrating InfoPath into our workflow.

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