May 28, 2005

Business continuity

What started out 12 months ago as a risk management project has now grown into a business continuity plan. I find this topic very interesting, but not having any formal training in it I thought I had better do some reading on the subject. You could do much worse than read this book:


It has provided a framework to recognise the risks that we face as an engineering company, assess them, prioritise them and manage them so that the business recovers from just about any event. There is plenty of work still to be done, but now I know where it is all headed.

And I have found one of the authors, Afsar Syed, to be very approachable via the Sentryx website.

A necessary part of business continuity is essential data protection. The more I thought about how to ensure this, the more secure offsite data storage became an essential element of a backup regime. The service provided by Connected is fantastic. The client is light, the data transfers are incredibly efficient, and depending on what your data is worth to your business (priceless!), the pricing is very reasonable. The Connected DataProtector looked good and now that I use it, I have to say it is better than I imagined.

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