July 15, 2004

Infopath and sharepoint integration

My pilot project using Infopath to retrieve XML data from sharepoint lists has stalled temporarily. Aside from having very little time to devote to it, I am having trouble with a VBScript to fill out subsequent fields once one has been selected. I suspect the hang-up is in the XPath references; I just need time to sort out the details.

I can't wait to publish a form to a form library and try out the sharepoint features for summarising data. I am convinced this will provide very useful data with minimal effort.

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June 23, 2004

OnAfterChange event handling

Just found this at MSDN: Working with Secondary Data Sources in the Information Lookup Developer Sample Form. This provides some good tips on creating scripts to fire with the OnAfterChange event.

My goal is to create a script that fills out following fields when one item is selected. With Jan Tielens script as a start, I have this working OK for a sharepoint list secondary data source, but I am having trouble selecting the correct nodes from an XML file obtained using the method posted earlier today.

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